Talent pool

Are you enjoying your time as a military? That’s great to hear! The Department of Defence can be an excellent employer, providing security and exciting prospects.

If you’re still interested in expanding your experience or exploring opportunities outside the Department of Defence while continuing your military career, exMil2Civ can help. Perhaps you have a passion for activities or technologies beyond your current role, or maybe you’re considering taking a break without bidding farewell for good.

If you have already transitioned out of the Department of Defence or are retired, you can contribute to stimulating projects at your own pace. exMil2Civ offers companies specialized and temporary support through project sourcing. We are constantly seeking talented individuals to join our pool of experts.

If you’re interested in becoming part of our talent pool, please let us know. 

Join our talent pool

At exMil2Civ, you have the opportunity to join our talent pool. Whenever we receive a project request, we search our database for suitable profiles. If your profile aligns with the required expertise, we will reach out to you without hesitation.

Are you interested? If so, we will extend an offer to you. The decision to participate or not is entirely yours.

You can become part of the designated project team, either as an independent professional or with a different employment status. The choice is in your hands!

Participate as independent

A self-employed status is ideal for being part of a project team. You no longer have to look for projects yourself – we do that for you. As soon as we have something suitable, we will contact you.

Do we propose a project and do you agree? Only then do we confirm our collaboration. You do your work, send your invoice and are your own boss. So there are no surprises.

Not self-employed yet?

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have an independent status! At exMil2Civ we work together with a payroll company that takes care of your social status.

Without independent status, your activities will be limited  Belgium. By working through a payroll company, your work falls under labour law. This is good for you, but it also entails some restrictions. We would be happy to discuss these with you personally during an interview.

Have you already explored your options and want to get rid of those restrictions? Are you considering becoming self-employed? If so, be sure to contact us for more information. We are ready to help you further.