Mutual Benefit - our Common Objective

exMil2Civ is a company that recruits and selects personnel with a military background. It was founded by and for military personnel.

Our candidates have unique and strong skills thanks to their career in the department of Defence. These skills are valuable for ambitious and growing companies.

We ensure a good match between candidates and demand. We listen to both parties and strive for transparent and honest cooperation.

Transition assistance

Finding a job outside the department of Defense is not easy. . exMil2Civ listens to your wishes. We offer advice to increase your chances of success.

Recruitment and selection

We only recruit people with military experience. Our recruitment and selection process focuses on the unique values and standards of the department of Defense.

Talent pool

At exMil2Civ we have a database of candidates with unique expertise. If you are looking for specific skills, we will help you find the right candidates.

Working with exMil2Civ

As a candidate

As a company